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Golf Training Thailand
Golfthink Thailand Golf Lessons Online have been arranged for you as a quick reference guide. Ten game aspects come with 3 Keys, 3 Stroke-Saving Tips and Three Drills to help you play more consistently and shoot lowers scores.

Fundamentals Fundamentals
Your grip, posture, alignment and set-up are all things that can be fixed before you swing the club. Without proper fundamentals, you'll always be struggling to put a good swing on the ball.
Set Up For Success
Putting Putting
Putting can save you from some mediocre ball-striking and is the key to shooting lower scores. Becoming a better putter will put less pressure on all other parts of your game.
Learn To Hole Out More Often
Chipping Chipping
The ability to get the ball up and down in one or two strokes is one of the main areas that separates the good golfer from the average weekend hacker.
Get it Up and Down
Pitching Pitching
There's nothing more frustrating to miss the green from inside 60 yards, but unfortunately, this is where most amateurs have the most trouble and end up turning a routine par or at worst a bogey, into a very big number.
Get it Close
Bunkers Bunker Play
It's been said that the bunker shot is the easiest shot in golf as it's the only one where you don't hit the ball. Many players face frustration getting out of the sand, and while not the easiest shot in golf (that's the gimme), with a few simple tips you'll be getting out every single time
Don't Spend a Day at the Beach
Driving Driving the Ball
Being able to hit the ball long and straight makes the game significantly easier, and even if you're a short hitter, making par from off the fairway is always more difficult than from in the center of the fairway.
Hit it Long and Straight
irons Iron Play
Hitting greens in regulation will allow you to have more chances at birdie and significantly lower your scores. Learning to hit your irons solidly everytime will make a huge difference to your game.
Knock Down the Pins
Trouble Play Trouble Play - Special Shots
Learning to play different shots when you get yourself into tough situations can be very rewarding and save you a few shos if played under the correct circumstances. Learn to work the ball and you'll become a more complete player
Save Shots
Game Management Managing Your Game
One of the reasons why golf is so difficult is that we tend to swing the club a little differently from day to day. Learning to play with what you've been given each time you tee it up will help you become a more complete player.
Play Smart
Final Thoughts Final Thoughts
Playing this game can bring you match enjoyment and also much frustration. Don't become one of those angry golfers who ends up forgetting why they took the game up in the first place.
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