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Final Thoughts


The Three Keys
  1. Align Yourself For Success - Almost 75% of RH golfers who we see aim themselves too far right of the target. If you don't aim correctly, you'll sooner or later find a way to get the ball to the target, most likely developing some kind of swing flaw or bad habit to accomplish this.

  2. Relax. Relax. Relax - Tension is a killer! When you're standing over the ball, relax your arms, grip pressure and entire body for that matter.

  3. Perfect Posture - If you set up with correct body angles and the correct distance from the ball, it's SO much easier to hit the ball more consistently. The best thing about this is you don't once you're set up correctly, you don't have to worry about it during your swing!
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Pick Out An Intermediate Target - Pick out a blade of grass, or any distinguishing object a few feet in front of you and align your clubface to that. It's much easier to aim at something a few feet in front of you than 200 yards away.

  2. Breath! Breathing helps you relax and releases tension. Check out our Yoga For Golfers section for more detailed info on how proper breathing can help you release tension and relax.

  3. Copy Cat - If there's one thing almost every single Pro has in common, it's good posture. Next time you're watching golf on TV, take note of their set up positions and copy them.
The Three Drills
  1. To see if you are the correct distance from your ball; take you address position. Now, take your RH off the club and let it dangle, swinging back and forth. Now see where it hits the shaft when it dangles. If it hits the metal, you're too close, misses the shaft completely - too far, and hits the grip below your left hand just perfect!

  2. When practicing in the range, set up an "alignment station", place a club a few feet in front of your ball, pointing out towards the target. Now place a second club parallel to this opposite the ball and align your feet along this. Now, if I've confused you, email me!

  3. To check if your weight is evenly distributed, tap your heels up and down and then tap your toes up and down. If, for example you find it difficult to tap you heels up and down, it means you have too much weight on your back heels...

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