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The Three Keys
  1. Light Grip Pressure - On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being as tight as you can), hold the putter around 6 or 7.

  2. Length Not Strength Dictates Distance - You stroke a 20 foot putt with the same strength as you do a 3 foot putt, the only difference being the length of stroke. This dramatically improves distance control for almost every player. Try to make your follow through the same length as your backswing. This will prevent deceleration of the putter.

  3. It's Not Camp - Keep your wrists firm. The number one fault in putting is hinging your wrists, which unless you're on the putting green everyday, makes it difficult to be a consistent putter
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Check your ball position - The best way to know if your ball position is correct is by analyzing what side of the hole you most miss it on. If it's left, it's likely your ball position is too far forward. Miss them right, it's likely it's too far back.

  2. You Da Man - It's no coincidence the best putters think they are. Make up your mind now that you're going to be one of the greatest putters ever to walk the fairways. It's amazing what a good attitude can do especially on the putting green. Ever stood over a putt knowing you're going to make it and you'll know what I mean.

  3. Keep Your Head Still - Missing the short ones? This is usually caused by looking up and getting anxious. If you're prone to miss the shorter ones, resist the temptation to take a peek until you hear that sweet sound of ball in cup.
The Three Drills
  1. Snake - The Quickest Way to Dial in Distances. Take 5 or 6 balls and lay them approximately 3-4 feet apart, beginning at 3 foot from the hole. Now go ahead and use your routine to putt every one of them, feeling as though you're hitting each one the same strength, only increasing the length of your stroke as each putt gets longer

  2. Torture - Confidence Booster. This one takes some commitment! Set yourself a goal suitable for your level and make that amount of consecutive putts from 3 feet, then 4 feet, or whatever you want. What this drill does is give you a lot of confidence in making the short ones and (if you don't cheat) also recreates the feelings you get out on the course. I once set myself a goal of making 100 3 footers in a row. It took me 3 tries, but I vowed never to go home until I had done it. Once I got up to the 90th putt, I got quite nervous. The following week I didn't miss any putts inside 6 feet and won my Club Championship defeating the 1997 Canadian Senior Amateur Matchplay Champion in a play-off. When you've just made a 100 in a row, you get out on the course and feel as though you cant miss. Your target might be 20 or 30, just enough to make it a challenge.

  3. Eyes Closed - Close your eyes and hit one 3 feet. Close your eyes and hit one 3 feet past, without looking ask yourself if you were short or long of your target. This drill is a great way to ingrain feel.

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