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The Three Keys
  1. Hands Ahead - Set your hands slightly ahead of the ball and choke down for more control

  2. Leaning Tower of Pizza - Move your weight to your left side which helps create a downward blow, necessary to get the ball in the air

  3. Dial in the Distance - Again, length of swing dictates how far the ball goes, not strength of swing.
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Chip like you Putt - from just off the green, or with lots of green to work with, take a 7 or 8 iron, take your putting grip and hit it just like a putt. You'll soon find this shot is easy to execute and you might find yourself holing out like the Pro's from off the green.

  2. Try to get your hands and arms back to where they were at address, but by using your shoulders.

  3. Play the ball back, which together with getting your weight forward will help you hit down on the ball and prevent you from hitting fat and thin shots.
The Three Drills
  1. Throw it for Feel - Not sure how hard to swing? A good tip is to (without a club in your hand) pretend you're going to throw a ball at the hole. Go ahead and do it, that's about how hard you should swing. Granted, it doesn't work for all shots, but for the most part it's amazing how good this tip teaches people how hard to swing at it

  2. Flat Left Wrist - Most higher handicappers try to help the ball up by scooping. To avoid this action, take a club and hold it near the clubhead and make a couple of chipping swings. If you're a scooper, the shaft will hit you. Keep you left wrist flat and the club shouldnt hit you

  3. Up and Down - Practice with Purpose. Same as the Torture putting drill, but you're going to chip and putt until you get everyone up and down in two shots. If you're honest with yourself and set yourself a challenge, the pressure you feel will increase as you get closer to your target. It should take you 3 or 4 attempts to achieve. Anymore and you may have set yourself a too difficult goal. Any less too easy.

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