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The Three Keys
  1. Open The Clubface - Make sure you do this before you take your grip. What this does is increases the bounce and allows the club to slide under the sand rather than dig down.

  2. Open Your Stance - Align your body left of the target which encourages an out-to-in swing steeper swing path.

  3. Move the Ball Forward - This promotes a higher trajectory and allows you to more easily slide the club under the ball.
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Accelerate the Club - Most players get the club stuck in the sand, trying to scoop it out. Throw the clubhead into the sand and trust the bounce of the clubhead to slide under and get the ball out

  2. Stare at a Spot - Star at a spot about about an inch or two behind the ball and don't ever move your eyes off this spot. The tendency for many amateurs is to look up too quickly and find out if they've got the ball out.

  3. Follow Through Dictates Distance - Need to hit it longer? Make a bigger follow through which will encourage more clubhead speed. I learned this one from Tiger and it works because making a bigger follow through requires more acceleration.
The Three Drills
  1. Break the Rules - Draw a line in the sand and practice hitting this before you think about hitting the ball. When you can do this time and time again, bring a ball into play, but still draw the line until you're confident you can hit "the spot" every time.

  2. An Hour of Your Time - Next time you're at the range, spend the entire time in a bunker. It's truly amazing to watch players confidence increase after just a few successful outs. Try it once, and you may never fear sand again.

  3. Show me the Money - OK, this is a trick that I learned at Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools, but one that can make you some money off your friends. Bet them you can get three balls out of a bunker in one shot. Line the balls up one after another, no gaps and just swing hard at it. Choose a low lip bunker because one of the balls will barely make it out. This looks spectacular, but is actually a very easy shot to play.

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