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The Three Keys
  1. Set up for success - Widen your stance, no further than shoulder width apart, ball forward off your left instep

  2. Extension - Feel as though you take the club back very wide

  3. Gravity Golf - Don't rush it from it the top, let the club "drop" inside to get a more penetrating trajectory
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Want to hit it longer? Try making a bigger shoulder turn, being sure not move right with your lower body and hips. You should feel more tension and coil in your upper body and hit it further with less effort. Relax you body, most players tense up when trying to hit a long one and tight muscles don't turn much.

  2. Tight Driving Hole - Make the loosest swing on the narrowest holes. Players tend to stare the ball when they face a tight driving hole. Trust your swing and let it go.

  3. Be a Poser - If you can't hold your finish, you've swung too hard. Ever see a Pro lose balance while driving the ball? Hitting the ball a long way requires clubhead speed, but that doesn't mean you go at it with everything including the kitchen sink.
The Three Drills
  1. Pull out your driver and hit one 100 yards with a full swing. Now hit one 150 yards, now go ahead and hit one as hard as you can. This drill teaches you the importance of tempo and is extremely difficult to do for most players because they're used to hitting at it at one speed - Mac 1.

  2. We don't recommend doing to many drills with your driver, simple because it's the longest club in your bag and for most, the hardest to hit straight.

  3. See Above!

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