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The Three Keys
  1. The Intentional Fade - Align the clubface to the target and set up left. Make a normal swing, but feel as though your finish is a little higher than usual, which will promote a more out-to-in swing

  2. The Intential Hook - Align the clubface at the target and set up right. Again make a normal swing, but swing a little slower so your hands have time to release the clubhead early.

  3. The Knock-Down - Play the ball back in your stance, move your weight left and feel as though you're sitting down on the shot. Take a three quarter swing and think low and wide on the takeaway. Keep your hands low right throughout the swing and avoid the temptation to hit it hard, which will put more spin on the ball and make it go higher.
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Don't play any of the shots without first having practiced them and being confident you can pull them off

  2. Only play the shots when you absolutely have to, and your lie is good.

  3. Take at least one extra club for the fade and one less club for the draw to allow for the change in loft
The Three Drills
  1. For the fade, hit some shots and feel as though the clubface is not releasing and the heel of the club reaches the ball first

  2. For the draw, hit some shots and feel as though the toe of the club is is going to hit the ball first

  3. For the Punch, hit some shots feeling as though your hands never get higher than your waist



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