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The Three Keys
  1. Get Down Tonight - In order for the ball to get in the air, you must hit down on it. Higher handicappers and beginners are particularly prone to trying to help the ball up which leads to fat and thin shots.

  2. Ball Position - Make sure you get it right. It should be in the middle of your stance for a pitching wedge moving progessively forward until you get to your driver, where the ball should be played off the left instep. Again, setting up for success makes the rest a lot easier.

  3. Start Down Slow - In all shots, amateurs have a tendency to try to hit every club as far as they can. Most people say "slow down", and they do. Their backswing. Their downswing is faster because they're having to create momentum rather than letting their club do it for them. Slow down, but make sure it's only at the start of your downswing.
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Feel as though you never hit a shot with more than 75% off your total effort, you'll hit it straighter and most likely just as far.

  2. Take more club than you think, it still won't be enough.

  3. Tee the ball up whenever you can i.e On Par 3's. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods do, so there could be some lesson in there somewhere
The Three Drills
  1. To promote an inside swing path - Set up to the ball and leave you hands and arms where they are, but turn you back to the target. Now go ahead and hit some shots, trying to turn your hands over and getting the feeling of the club swinging around you rather than over the top. This drill is one of the most effective for players wanting to learn to draw the ball.

  2. Be Gary Player - Many of the Golfthink Students have problems finishing on their left side, and while you should take a lesson to find out the real cause of why this is happening, you can try the Gary Player drill. After you hit the ball, walk through on the shot, but do it in one movement or you won't get anything from it.

  3. Feet together - Hit shots teed up with a middle iron with your feet together. This is one of the oldest but most used drills and teaches you balance and how getting the feeling of the club swinging
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