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Golf Courses in Bangkok and plentiful with over 50 courses within an hours drive Golf Bangkok

Golf in Pattaya and experience some of the best golf courses throghout Thailand Golf Pattaya

Hua Hin Golf now has a couple of new golf courses which will excite and thrill you! Golf Hua Hin

Golf in Phuket has always been popular and with the addition of Red Mountain Phuket is truly spoiled for golf courses Golf in Phuket

Golf in Chiang Mai and experience the best temperatures in Thailand golf Golf Chiang Mai

Golf in Khao Yai at one of our favourite golf courses in Thailand. Contact us to find out what one! Khao Yai Golf

Site of the Bridge over the River Kwai, golf in Kanchanaburi is some of the best in Thailand Kanchanaburi Golf

The only 18 golf course in Koh Samui is a contrast to the relaxed beach atmosphere on the beaches Koh Samui Golf


Hear what people are saying about us?

Golfthink just made things so easy. I wanted to work on my driving to get that extra distance and accuracy. I also hadn't visited Hua Hin before but had heard so many good things about it. So i told golf think and they organised everything from transfers to Hotels, from golf courses to Golf Coaches. As well as planning plenty of time for me go and check out the local night life and culture. I loved the beach at Hua Hin. Too top things off, everyone was so friendly and now im driving straighter and further than i ever have before. Did i mention the beautiful Golf Courses in Hua Hin? wow wow.
Thankyou so much too all the friendly staff at golfthink.
Sue Cooper
Golf Coast, Australia


"It took Tiger over a year to rework his swing. After just one 3 hour lesson with Kim I was playing with a new swing and stance shooting 90 on a course I had seen for the first time. Amazing! A further lesson the next day provided more pointers and tips with me actually being able to hit shots that I was attempting draw, fade, knock down. Kim was able to get inside my head and this enabled me to be, and feel more relaxed when playing or practicing. I shot 90 all 3 days I played and have not had this kind of consistency until now. Kim has a relaxed, easy going manner and this proved infectious which undoubtedly helped me to achieve so much in 2 lessons. If you are serious about wanting to improve and enjoy the game then Kim is the man to see."
Ashley Kim Sing
Qatargas 2

"I've been taking lessons for a few years now but they didn't seem to improve score much. Kim suggested I take a short game school, which I was hesitant to do because I thought my ball striking needed the most improving. Needless to say, I'm glad he convinced me. I shot 84 within two weeks of taking the lesson, my best score by 5 shots".
Gary Holt
Hong Kong

"I have learned a lot of golfing techniques within the two days of tuition with Kim. Kim gave me a lot of tips to be a good player. It's a great feeling to have a birdie in my first hole ever! Nice guy to mix with. Too bad I had such short time to go golfing in Bangkok. Hopefully the next time I am in Bangkok, we can have a good round of golf then follow by a happy drinking hours somewhere in Bangkok. Thanks mate".
Dominic Jugah
Kuala Lumpur

"Our 18 hole playing lesson with Kim was thoroughly enjoyable and helped us learn some stroke-saving game management techniques. I recommend the Golfthink Performance Enhancement programs to any player serious about improving their game"
Cecilia Ho
Citibank Private Bank
Hong Kong

I meet up with Kim for a couple sessions to rework my swing and then had an 18 hole playing lesson with him where I shot my best score in almost four years . . .beating my lowest score by 15 STROKES!!! Kim is a true professional who makes the game easier to understand and more fun to play. My game management has improved immensely and so has my swing. After spending just 10 hours with him, I feel like a new player and want to get on the course again and again. Thanks Kim!
James Zamjahn

"Kim was instrumental in me breaking 100 for the first time, and since starting lessons with Kim I'm now breaking 100 on a regular basis and enjoying my golf like never before"
Julian Compton
Bangkok, Thailand

"Many thanks for the time you have dedicated to my golf. I have taken a lot out of this day; in particular as you were so kind to focus on my three, four most dominant flaws and your ability to tell it in a language that I can perfectly understand. This was not always the case during my past lessons."
Gregor Wende
Regional Director China
Lufthansa German Airlines
Beijing, China

"The Golfthink on-demand golf lesson was the ideal way to fill in a spare day on my business trip. Before the round I was taken to a number of golf shops, where the Pro provided some valuable advice on buying clubs before a very pleasant 18 hole playing lesson"
Mac Cessna
ExxonMobil India
New Delhi, India

"I enjoyed the lesson with Kim, he simplifies the game and takes away a lot of the confusion"
David Slinn
British Ambassador to North Korea
Pyongyang, North Korea

"If I'm in Bangkok and wanting a golf lesson, I'll call Golfthink. Apart from the training, they're always willing to go the extra mile to help your game and help you get more fun from the game"
Joshua Zimmerman
Hong Kong

"I had a really awesome day, and enjoyed meeting Kim and learning new shots. He has such a natural talent, and I had such a great time I decided to take another lesson!"
Christa Avery
Senior Vice President
The Brooker Group
Bangkok, Thailand

"Kim has a natural friendly relaxed style which makes him fun to be with and easy to learn from. He picked me up at my hotel and took me to the airport after. An all inclusive convenient lesson. Kim allowed me to find my own pace during the day that I spent with him and due to my 'no pain - no gain' determination I was able to get the very most out of an intensive five hour session. I'd not had any lessons before my session with Kim but on the day after I shot my first birdie on a par 4. Since then I have managed a couple of rounds and find I'm getting regular pars and really knocking a lot of shots off my old round scores. I'm now swinging with more confidence a getting further off the tee but I guess more importantly I'm able to putt without hitting the ball way past the hole and I'm also starting to enjoy chipping those 50 yarders onto the green"
Cliff Ward
Vice President, GPS - Networks and Telecoms - Asia
Lehman Brothers
Tokyo, Japan

"The Golfthink Performance Enhancement Program is the best golf instructional experience I've encountered"
Callum Laing
Managing Director
Bangkok, Thailand

"...thank you even more for the excellent instruction last week. I really appreciate all you did. I accomplished my goals last week, since I now understand enough to go out on the course. Dads happy too, as he picked up some ideas that can help him improve the game. "
Richard Hartung
Managing Director

I greatly enjoyed my recent lesson with Kim. His approach is extremely friendly, positive and practical, and he identified several key tips for improving my shortgame that I will easily be able to remember when on the course. Furthermore, his Personal Performance Enhancement Analysis provides a very thorough summary of the lesson and a most useful reference point.
Chris Emms
Director of Marketing
Quality Golf Companies
Bangkok, Thailand

"A fantastic improvement in my golf swing and overall game - Thanks to Kim"
Thomas Bristow
Chapman Instruments
New York, USA

"It was a great pleasure to meet with Kim and I can strongly recommend his patience and his professionalism! "
Roger Hacki
Ethno & Company AG

For the past two years Kim has joined a group of guys from all over the world in what was held as the "International Stableford Cup". On my return to my home town in Australia a good golfing friend told me he was attending a wedding in Thailand and was keen to have a hit with a few of his mates...and could I help him. Who else to ask than Kim who organised a day for them at Khao Keow. The transfers from their Pattaya Hotel, Golf, buggies, caddies.. the lot. Very much appreciated and carried out very Professionally. Could not have expected anything better"
Bob Blakemore
Captain, Springwood Country Club
New South Wales

"Kim's Two Day Golf School was great fun, and an excellent learning experience. He also provided excellent advice on golf in general in Thailand and his personal pick-up service allowed us to discuss my game on the way out and back to the golf course! I'll be back next time!"
Danny Mok
Director of Client Services
Hong Kong

"Thanks for the excellent session over the 2 days in Bangkok. We thoroughly enjoyed it and given that this was our first time on a course, the end result was very encouraging. This has definitely encouraged me to take up the game seriously and we definitely hope to come back soon for another round of traning and fun."
Kishore Suratkal
Head of Tech Research
Macquarie Securities
Hong Kong

"I had never played golf before and after a few lessons with Kim my friends are amazed at how good I am."
Jintana Prachuabmoh
Director of Events Booking Center
Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa
Bangkok Thailand

"A tremendously patient coach who is also good at offering objective advice"
Kenny Mann
General Enterprise Management Services
Hong Kong

"I cannot praise this organization highly enough. The founder is Kim Inglis. Savage25 and I hooked up with Kim for a 2-day school and we were both pleased with Kims professionalism and knowledge of the game. While we were a bit optimistic (our goal each day was 2 hours of range followed by 18 holes) about the amount of time we could put in each day, we both came away with a sense of value and accomplishment. Kim picked us up from SGS in the morning, took us to the courses, arranged tee times and overall customized a 2 day program for us. Needless to say, in the future when Im doing a turn in BKK, Im going to be out on the course all day with Kim."
Mike Schoback
Director Of Operations
AT-Link America

"...a Special Talent"
Jim Flick
Jack Nicklaus' Former Coach
Dessert Mountain, AZ

"I approach Golfthink at short notice to arrange a two day session on a weekend visit to Bangkok. They approached to be very professional in both responding to my query and setting up an itinerary that was suitable to me. As a beginner in the game it was important to get the correct mix of practice and game time and by corresponding between us this was achieved to a very satisfactory effect. Needless to say the professionalism I encountered when dealing with them was very much reflected in working with them in the two days sessions. The agenda proved to be very full but no overly so that it was not fun. The professional whom was assigned to me for the two days was both knowledgeable, helpful and a general pleasure to interact with and play with. He took his time and was patient (former rugby player such as myself with golf clubs can be dangerous!) and really helped both my game and confidence along. All in all the two days was a good balance of what I required in what is best described as a tailor made package, at a good value that went well beyond my expectations. As such I can only recommend them to anyone else, at any level of the game when visiting Thailand on business or pleasure."
Euan Mcleod
HSBC Security Services
Hong Kong

Hi Greg,
Just a quick note to say thanks thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and enjoyed the lesson, some radical changes for me however I look forward to working on the new swing and will see how it works for me. Will definitely do a follow up lesson in a week or so once my body gets used to my new gym regime.Very interested in following up with new shafts can you let me know the ones you recommend again I have forgotten the model you suggested. It was good to have a lesson from someone who can not only teach but can also demonstrate how to hit a ball very impressive.
John Woods,
Australia July 2008

"I'm impressed by the way you teach. It's the greatest way to improve my swing naturally...If I go back to Bangkok again, I will take your training course again"
Danny Chang
Taipei, Taiwan

"The Golfthink on-course instructional experience is a great way to spend a day golfing in Bangkok"
Ivan Hopkins
Vancouver, Canada

"...teaching was great, my scores have gone down and game improved"
Ramesh Parmar
London, England


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