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Golf training in Thailand has never been easier with our PGA Pro designed golf tuition programs throughout Thailand. Select the right golf school HERE

Book a Thailand golf holiday and combine it with golf instruction. Check out our Thailand golf course guide and book tee times in Thailand. DETAILS

Play better golf in Thailand at the best locations including Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

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Golf Tuition in Thailand

If you're looking for world class golf lessons, golf training and golf instruction in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin or anywhere in Thailand, the Golfthink 'Tuition Golf Packages' are the ideal way to achieve your golfing potential.

We have several 'Tuition Golf Packages' to choose from but we encourage you to tell us exactly what you want. We specialise in making custom golf packages suited just for you, from...

-Advanced golfers looking to tweak there game and improve their handicap
-Beginners wanting to learn to play
-and anywhere in between
-we also have a range of prices to suit different budgets

We can organise golf lessons at the driving range with an instructor and go as far as having an instructor with you on the course to tweak your game as you play. Or you can have both. Dont be shy email us for more information.

Please find below some example packages to give you some ideas of different destinations and levels of tuition once you have some destiations and levels of tuition in mind email us to discuss.

Phuket Package

Pattaya Package

One Day Package

Custom Package

One Day Golf School Bangkok

Combine your Phuket holiday with our golf tuition package, Phuket is known internationally as one of the most...

One Day Golf School Bangkok
golf school bangkok
Combine your Pattaya holiday with our golf tuition package, with over 20 courses to choose from Pattaya is...

Short Game Golf School Bangkok
Short game Golf school
If your running low on time on your Bangkok holiday this package running for only half a day is guaranteed to improve your swing.

Short Game Golf School Bangkok
Short game Golf school
If you want something different, have a certain budget or location in mind email us here with what your looking for and we can put together a custom package just for you.



Chiang Mai Package


Hua Hin Package

Two Day Package

Golf Tuition Holiday

Two Day Golf School Bangkok
Two Day Golf school
Combine your Chiang Mai holiday with our golf tuition package, Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally...

Three Day Golf School Bangkok
Combine your Hua Hin holiday with our golf tuition package, discovered in the early 1920's by King..

Golf lessons Bangkok

If you have a spare two days on your Bangkok Holiday we can help you improve your chipping, putting and pitching.

Short Game Golf School Bangkok

Why rush? Take your time and enjoy a long trip and play and learn golf at your leasure. Tell us what you want and we can make it happen.





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