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Final Thoughts Golf Tips Online

The Three Keys
  1. It's just a game, there are too many people who make you wonder why they play by the way they react to bad shots. In golf, you have to learn to live with your bad shots because they outweigh the good by about 100 to 1.

  2. Most people would be better off not going to the range. Next time you're at the range, take a look down and see how many players have got their driver out, then ask yourself, on a Par 72 golf course, how many times will you hit the driver?

  3. Like life, you get out of it what you put in. If you only play once a week, the chances are you're not going to play this game at a decent level. If you went into your office once a week for 4 or 5 hours would you be very good at your job?
The Three Stroke-Saving Tips
  1. Swing easy...swing easy...the number one problem with most players is they try to hit the ball too hard. Once you learn you don't need to kill it for the ball to go a long way, your scores will plummet.

  2. Never Give Up - Golf tests a persons spirit, and you can tell the true character of a person by the way they conduct themselves when things arent going their way. Spend as much time over that putt for triple bogey as you do on that one for birdie and whatever happens, never, ever, give up.

  3. Attitude - Your attitude you take with you on the golf course will ultimately determine how much success you have. It'll also determine how much you learn if taking a lesson. People with the best attitudes always get their moneys worth out of a lesson.
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