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Golf Courses in Bangkok and plentiful with over 50 courses within an hours drive Golf Bangkok

Golf in Pattaya and experience some of the best golf courses throghout Thailand Golf Pattaya

Hua Hin Golf now has a couple of new golf courses which will excite and thrill you! Golf Hua Hin

Golf in Phuket has always been popular and with the addition of Red Mountain Phuket is truly spoiled for golf courses Golf in Phuket

Golf in Chiang Mai and experience the best temperatures in Thailand golf Golf Chiang Mai

Golf in Khao Yai at one of our favourite golf courses in Thailand. Contact us to find out what one! Khao Yai Golf

Site of the Bridge over the River Kwai, golf in Kanchanaburi is some of the best in Thailand Kanchanaburi Golf

The only 18 golf course in Koh Samui is a contrast to the relaxed beach atmosphere on the beaches Koh Samui Golf

Golf Courses in Thailand

Thailand Golf Courses. Golf in Thailand and you'll know why it's become one the world's great golfing destinations. Whether you're looking for a golf tour or holiday to Thailand, or simply wanting information on golf courses in Thailand, we'll provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date information on the internet. Our Thailand golf course reviews are used by other golf websites, travel publications, five star hotels, and are even used on some of the golf courses own websites!

If you're wanting to book a golf holiday or tour in Thailand, send us an email and let us now what golf courses you want to play, how many golfers there are, and the dates you intend to golf in Thailand. Select a location below where you plan to golf in Thailand, or read on for more information about golfing in Thailand.

Choose a distination to see information about our Golf Package Holidays or browse through our list of golf course descriptions.


If You're Planning on Booking Tee Times and Getting To The Course Yourself:
If you're planning on a do-it-yourself golf holiday to Thailand, you will require a lot of patience. Booking a tee time by yourself will be the first hurdle, and although most courses have some English speaking staff, it's a lottery who will answer the phone, if anybody at all. If you do manage to get a tee time, the next challenge will be to find a taxi to take you there. Most taxi drivers will not tell you they don't know the way, because that would mean they would lose face. Stopping to ask someone on the way doesnt enter their mind, so dont expect it. If you do happen to get lost, you'll be driven along until you find a golf course, or anything thats green. The moral of the story is to use a golf tour operator (us, or another reputable agent) to help you with your arrangements. It may cost you a little more, but in the end you won't regret it. Golf Thailand can be an unforgettable experience, for both the right and wrong reasons.

The Best Time To Play Golf in Bangkok Thailand:
To avoid the traffic, heat and most busy times on the golf course, play early morning weekdays. Leave before peak hour traffic (starting 7am), and depending on what hotel you're staying at, you could save yourself a lot of time getting to the course. Very few people play early during weekdays, but afternoons from 12pm onwards can get busy as locals take the afternoon off. You'll also avoid the evening rush hour traffic.

What Golf Courses Should I Play?
Browse our golf course directory of the best golf courses in Thailand and you'll see what courses we recommend in each golf destination.

Can You Book Tee Times For Me?
Yes, our services include the booking of tee times, transfers to the golf course and hotel arrangements if necessary. Please note, all or prices include roundtrip transfers to/from golf course/hotel, so if you are planning to use your own transportation or take a taxi, please do not ask for prices.

Do I Need a Handicap Card To Play Golf in Thailand?
No, with the exception of Alpine Golf & Sports Club, you can play without a handicap card

Why Do I See 18 People Walking Down One Fairway?
Although not as popular as it once was, some course allow six players in a group. They can hire two, or sometimes three caddies (one for normal caddie duties, one to hold the umbrella, and one to carry the chair). These six and fivesomes will sometimes let you play through, but don't expect it.

What Should I Wear?
Collared shirts are required at most golf courses in Thailand, shorts are ok.

How Much Should I Tip The Caddies in Thailand?
Upwards of 200 baht. Please see our Golf Thailand Blog for more information on caddies in Thailand.

Do The Courses Have Lockers?
Yes, all courses have lockers, we suggest you bring a change of clothes. Lockers are free of charge, but don't leave valuables in the locker to be safe.

Are Golf Carts Available?
Yes, at almost every golf course in Thailand, but you can not reserve golf carts and some courses run out of golf carts during weekends and public holidays. There is also a one golfer per cart policy at most golf courses in Thailand. Demanding to speak to the golf course manager won't change that.

Do Courses Have Rental Golf Clubs?
Yes, but if you book a golf holiday with us, we can provide rental golf clubs for your golf holiday in Thailand.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Courses?
In Bangkok, allow at least an hour and a half, most courses take 30-60 minutes, depending on what time you leave.

Please Email us to make an inquiry. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours under most circumstances. If you require urgent assistance, please call +66 1 485 5189. In order to help us organise your golf package as quickly as possible, please provide us with the following information: Number of golfers, golf courses, dates, tee times, hotel required, and any other information you feel appropriate.

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