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The Difference Between You And Tiger

Difference Number One  Tiger Doesn t Wear Long White Socks With Black Shoes and a Purple Floral Golf Shirt. Sure, Tiger doesn t have to fork out for his Rico Suave Nike outfits, but you don t have to break into your piggy bank to look sharp on the course. If you wear shorts, ankle socks are the game. It might just be a coincidence, but I ve never met a golfer that s broken 100 who pulls there socks up past calf height.

Difference Number Two  Tiger Never Shows Up Late For His Tee Time. Booking a tee time is not like booking a hotel room where you can show up at anytime. If you show up late for a tee time, don t expect to get out. Aim to be on the tee at least 10 minutes before your tee time.

Difference Number Three  Tiger Spins It Because He Uses The Right Equipment. One of the most popular questions I get asked is how you spin the ball. Well first you gotta understand that your Pinnacle Mega Long Way Distance golf ball isn t designed to suck it back on any type of green. You also need some clubhead speed, solid contact and receptive greens.

Difference Number Four  Tiger Talks The Talk. It s called a golf course, not a golf  field . It s not  who s turn is it , it s  Who s away . Learn the golf lingo and never be laughed at behind a Pro s back again.

Difference Number Five  Tiger Knows A Good Shot. If you re playing with a Pro, or low handicapper, their idea of a good shot and your idea of a good shot are different. Hitting it to 40 feet from 75 yards isn t a good shot for a single digit handicapper.

Difference Number Six  Tiger Doesn t Drink 13 Pints The Night Before A Round. Actually there was a survey taken and a lot of PGA Pro s have teed it up hammered, but the majority are professionals in every sense of the word. With the possible exception of John Daly, late nights and alcohol rarely make for low scores.

Difference Number Seven  Tiger Remembers Every Shot He Ever Hit. Most amateurs have trouble remembering the last hole. Pro s have an uncanny ability to remember and recall every shot they hit. I m not sure what this means, but at the very least it sounds cool when you re in the clubhouse and recall your  5-iron into 7 from the right fairway bunker, then made the 15 footer for birdie rather than  what hole was number 7 again?

Difference Number Eight  Tiger Knows How To Practice. You won t see Tiger hitting five buckets of balls with his driver. Of course, you read my last about practice, so I know I don t need to tell you how to practice properly.

Difference Number Nine  Tiger Can Reach 600 Yard Par 5 s In Two. You just swing like you re trying to reach them in two.

Difference Number Ten  Tiger Gets Paid To Play Golf. You pay to play golf. By the reaction of some players after they hit a bad shot, you d think golf is their livelihood. It shows competitiveness when you re disappointed in a bad outcome, but there s a fine line between being competitive and being a 24 handicap and throwing your club after your 3-wood from 260 doesn t clear the water.

Difference Number Eleven  Tiger Knows Golf Isn t Fair. And it isn t. Hitting the best driver of your life and ending up in a divot, horseshoes and bad bounces are all what makes this game as great as it is frustrating.

Difference Number Twelve  Tiger Relishes Having a Fifteen Footer To Win a Million Dollars. We crap our pants at just the thought of facing a two-footer for a dollar. It s perfectly natural to get nervous on the first tee, or over an important shot, but you have to learn to channel that energy in the right place or you ll end up with some disastrous results.

Difference Number Thirteen  Tiger Knows He ll Never Be Perfect. We hit one good drive and we ve found the secret and are ready to write a book about it.

Difference Number Fourteen  Tiger Doesn t Tell Phil To Keep His Head Down or Vijay to Keep His Left Arm Straight. And if he did, they d probably ask him to step outside the ropes and bring it on, which is exactly what you should do to the next person who gives you unsolicited advice.

Difference Number Fifteen  Tiger Knows His Caddies Name. You should too. I don t know about down there in Indonesia, but up here in Thailand there aren t many players who take the second to find out the persons name that they re about to spend the next five hours with.

Difference Number Sixteen  When Tiger Hits a Bad Shot, He Still Thinks He s The Best Golfer on The Planet. When we hit a bad shot, we re the worst golfer in the world, this is definitely the last round of golf we re ever playing, and we re selling our clubs on ebay as soon as we get home.

Difference Number Seventeen - When Tiger Gets A Lesson It Takes Him a Year To Make a Swing Change. When we take a lesson, we expect to fix a 50 yard slice we ve had for 18 years in less than an hour.

Difference Number Eighteen  When Tiger Goes To The Toilet During A Round, The Whole World Knows When we go, well we just go...

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