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Animal Instincts Improving Your Game

Cobra Poses, Downward Facing Dogs, Alligator TwistsIf these sound like the OB G & L Editors latest dance floor moves, think again. These are poses from Katherine Roberts Yoga For Golfers that applies the principles of yoga, flexibility, strength, core conditioning, balance and mental focus to improve your golf game and your life.

If yoga conjures up images of tall skinny guys sitting in precarious positions while chanting over yogurt-scented incense, you better crawl out of your cave and get yourself into a pigeon pose before reading on. Yoga for Golfers has been nothing short of a sensation in the United States, and with the likes of Annika Sorenstam, Se Ri Pak, Gary McCord, Aaron Baddley and Brad Faxon all using yoga in their fitness routines, the revolutionary system seems set to stay, unlike a lot of the game improvement fads which tend to disappear out of fashion, and out of the news quicker than a Martha Burk Masters protest. Her golf-specific fitness program is based on the principles of yoga and offers immediate results including improved flexibility and strength leading to greater distance, enhanced breathing awareness for better swing tempo, increased concentration, improved overall fitness, better balance and a feeling of improved overall health.

Programs consist of yoga postures specifically selected for a golfer's needs, proper breathing techniques for better tempo in your swing, mind and visualization methods, stretches that increase flexibility, strength, balance and reduce the risk of injury, pre-round, on-the-course, and post-golf yoga sequences, and intensive core conditioning programs. Three different levels of difficulty allows those golfers who cant seem to shed those tri-weekly Big Macs from their waistline to practice Yoga at a level suited to their individual fitness levels.

Yoga for Golfers Founder Katherine Roberts is more than just a savvy marketer and astute businesswoman. She is a certified fitness trainer, yoga trainer, golf biomechanical specialist and lifestyle coach. Try fitting that on your business card. She provides golf fitness programming on The Golf Channel, has a fitness column on GolfOnline.com, and is a frequent contributor to Natural Golf Magazine, DocGolf Magazine, and has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, CBS and PBS. Katherine has been certified by the American Council on Exercise and is a member of Coach University, International Yoga Studies, Executive Women's Golf Association, and National Association of Women Business Owners.

Yoga For Golfers has stretched into Asia and the Yoga For Golfers DVDs are now available through the golfthink.com website. Katherines book Yoga For Golfers A Unique Mind-Body Approach To Golf Fitness can also be found at most major bookstores, or ordered through Golfthink. I am thrilled to bring my products and programs to Thailand and Asia. Through our relationship with Golfthink I know we will reach thousands of golfers who want to play better golf! said Yoga For Golfers Founder Katherine Roberts, who somehow manages to maintain a 16 handicap and is planning a trip to Asia later this year to conduct her highly successful workshops and seminars to the Asian golf industry.
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