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kantarat golf club

Kantarat Golf Club, Bangkok, Thailand
If you're stuck at Bangkok International Airport and have five hours to spare, try teeing it up at the Royal Thai Airforces Kantarat Golf Course. The course is situated between the East and West runways of the airport and you can tee it up weekdays with a caddie for the same price as the airport departure tax - THB 500. Every hole is memorable, but not because of any strategically placed bunkers or cleverly contoured greens. Jumbo Jets land, takeoff and fly precariously close above and around you, and it's tempting not to tee one up and see how far you could hit it down the runway. You won't find this course in any top ten lists, but any golfer looking for a slightly different golf experience in Bangkok should give it a try.

Why You Should Play Kantarat Golf Course
A golf experience you won't find many other places in the world. Bring a camera and don't expect too much. Before entering the course, your golf bag will be checked for surface-to-air missiles (seriously), so don't be afraid they're after you're 50 fake watches or 10 pounds of cheap jewelry you stashed in there thinking you'll make a quick buck off your mates back home.
Map and Directions to Kantarat Golf Course
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